Saturday, October 11, 2014

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About Me

Hello friends,
I am Rizwan Aarif, A Software professional from Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. I am a person with a lot of blessings from God. I believe in living simple and learning.

One that lights easily and does not blow out when it is windy hour. I am a cool guy with a zeal to enjoy life,to create & share happiness in the real sense of life. At times I struggled hard to get it, but my life is full of blessings & peace. I owe my life to my parents and everyone should but very few people are faithful on this earth.

1. Having the biggest ring, the best car, the nicest house, etc mean nothing if you're not happy.

2. Trust your gut instincts. Ask yourself if this is something you would be proud of later on.

3. Never choose a girl/boy over your family. He/She can divorce you, your parents cant.

4. Listen to your parents. They do have your best interest at heart and will never fail to guide you.

5. Life is unfair. Accept it and get over it. Dont blame others (boss, relatives, economy, God) for the mess you are in or justify situations or complain about stuff. There are no complain departments in this Universe.